Sunday, November 02, 2008

the plan

Okay, so, some of you, aka none of you because no one has read this blog yet, know what I aim to do with my year without school.

As of now, I've just been working at good old Wendel's. I've been there for about a year now, and it's not bad. I could easily do that for the rest of the year. BUT, I want to do something big, something that I will not easily forget. Something that when people hear what I am doing, they don't think of it as a waste of a year that could be spent at school furthering my life and career and whatever.


1. Secure a UK Working Holidaymaker visa
2. Move to the UK for 6months to work/live/travel/have the best time EVER!
3. Go to Poland in late June to work with missionaries at a summer camp.
4. Come back to the UK, then either return home to start school for September, or keep going and start school in January.

Everything seems to be falling into place really well as of now,

Keep me in your prayers,




Jessica said...

coool kirk A!!

High King Matthew said...

dude, sounds like a sweet year.
what do you think you'll be doing for work in the UK?

Kirk A said...

I don't know yet, I'm going to find that out when I get there. I've got a few ideas though. There's plenty of options for me though.

High King Matthew said...

that's really cool... i never thought about doing that, i always figure i'd work my butt off to leave for a while and then run out of money and come back... a working vacation would be sweet.