Tuesday, November 04, 2008

it's underway.

Well, the wheels are in motion.

I went to the travel agent in Langley that specializes in Working Holidays, specifically, SWAP(Student Work Abroad Program www.swap.ca).

I've decided to go with SWAP, it's significantly more money than doing the application on my own, but honestly, I'm willing to spend the extra $250 for the security of a refund in the case of a mishap during the time of me acquiring the visa. SO, it ended up being a rather exciting, but costly trip. I left with my wallet 623 dollars lighter, having decided to go for it. This is happening kids, I'm going to spend the majority of 2009 overseas.

On my visit, it quelled most of my doubts and fears surrounding the visa application process. It's looking like acquiring the visa is not as challenging as I had originally thought. Also, I was afraid of losing $425 dollars due to a failed application.

I'm returning in the next few days to decide on a flight date, and it's looking like I'll be flying away at the beginning of January!

I'll keep you posted.


Kirk Anderson

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